From Adib Ben Jebara

Present research

I am doing a research related to Heisenberg uncertainty principle in physics.

A refusal by the Nordic Network for Philosophy of Science NNPS proves

only that I am ahead of my Time (Age).

Anti-intellectualism : people are not interested in any idea not obvious.

 People want to learn science by heart

without understanding.

 That explains stagnation except for

banalities which are not doubted.

 No intellectual courage implies no

conjectures only things obvious.

People are so much tied up to their

bodies that they cannot see with
the eye of the mind, as if Descartes
and Galileo did not exist.
 No need to use one's brain, Large Hadron
Colliders and particles accelerators will
explain everything.
 Carreerism harms research.
 The world is odd : hard working people without
new ideas.
 People like only banality and conformism, none
will go to posterity.


Research in physics should be a matter of creativity
and not of speed in only one direction.
 Dead ends are trying.
Not to look for results is the true meaning of bureaucracy.
Colloquiums like fashionable articles without future.
Pre-existence of mathematical waves and existence.
I think that evolution has resulted in eternal life for souls
and that philosophy will supplant religion.

There is an alternative to the boson of Higgs.

Einstein wrote about space being curved

at the level of stars and planets , I think that it is at the

level of elementary particles also curved or bent.

So, the properties of the Higgs boson are not needed

for explaining gravitation.


I think that to end capitalism is a matter of intellectual effort.
A new theory is needed.
Marxism is obsolete since 80 years ago.
Politicians have a very low intellectual level all over the world.
Extreme specialization is a cancer killing the world.
Adib Ben Jebara
The Tunisian electricity utility company is very bureaucratic,
it is not seeking the result which is to satisfy the demand.
Bureaucracy is from procedures which are sterile or
 What is needed is total quality management with its theory
 In the United States, there is an hysteria of consuming and of
having fun and there is also extreme specialization.
The United States is a leader which is leading the wrong way.
 The true meaning of controversy is disagreement, it is not
something shameful but the meaning is perverted.
 Such companies as google, facebook, amazon etc. make
mistakes about simple things because they are busy with things
too much complicated.
Is that quality ?
People want to accept an argument when it is from an authority
and to reject it when it is not from an authority.
That was the case with Aristotle in the Middle Age of Europe.
 when there is a controversy, most of the time,
if the people involved are intelligent,
the truths is (lies) in an opinion which is
somewhere in the middle.