About teleportation of elementary particles



About space and time of elementary particles : Introduction




The subject of space and time of elementary particles is at the intersection of physics,


mathematics and philosophy of science.


It was not approached before because we are in an Age of partioning.


And also because conjectures are not welcome, only evidence is.




What is difficult to understand in the subject is the mathematical axiom of choice of


set theory as it is applied or rather its negation.




The existence of a second component of time at the level of elementary particles


is an idea which did not occur to me directly.


I started by trying to explain the Big Bang in quantum cosmology  by introducing


more mathematics for time and starting from scratch.


That was some 15 years ago while working in a company and corresponding with


Mr Andreas Blass.




The existence of the Big Bang still meets undue skepticism with some people.




The existence of the Big Bang is deduced by me from the existence of a Big Crunch


(collapsing) as the Big Bang follows the Big Crunch.


And my idea of space and time at the level of elementary is checked by the existence


of the Big Bang.




The Big Bang following a Big Crunch is an idea quickly considered in 1930 by Einstein


who did not look for arguments.


My argument is from mathematical modeling or rather mathematical explanation as


space and time are treated as mathematical variables.




The subject can be applied to teleportation of elementary particles and then to groups


of elementay particles.


Teleportation where particles are not replaced by others with the same caracteristics


in the process.


That is the most interesting part for physicists but most of it is still in preparation in


September 2017.






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Adib Ben Jebara