About some problems of the electricity utility companies

by Adib Ben Jebara

July 2016


About utlity companies

About the consequences of the existence of the Tesla device for saving electricity

How it works

utilization of TV and radiowaves 

utilization of static electricity 

utilization of radiant energy 

charged particles collector 

Example of manufacturer





Its devices do not consume a lot of reactive energy.

There are people hostile to any innovation who write that the devices are scams.

On the network the peak load will decrease of how many megawatts a year? It would be necessary to have an estimate of the megawatts for the residential sector in the peak load.

We can make an estimate of the peak load by supposing that the forecast of the peak  load for the residential sector will drop by 5% a year, which seems reasonable.

From the saved megawatts of the peak load (startingfrom the share of the residential sector),one can estimate the total power of the 

devices appeared on the network for one year (knowing the average power saved by device).

 The energy made available being more or less dictated by the peak load, one can try to calculate in dollars the possible over-availability for example during 5 years.

 The number of individuals who adopt the innovation on a time interval is the result of two components: 

 a phenomenon of contagion which is a function of the individuals having already adopted the innovation,

 and a phenomenon of saturation which is dependent to keeping with market potential. 

 One cannot consider that the potential will be supplemented at the end of 20 years, there will not be any more but replacements  at this time.

 One must consider a slow starting because of some mistrust. 

 Buzz marketing appearing in a particularly significant way , the share of the imitators is important.

  one starts with less than 5% of the peak load of the residential sector and this proportion is exceeded  to reach a value raised maximum approximately at the end of 10 years, the increase being roughly progressive.

 It is to be noticed that the value of 5% per one year is more a forecast  that an objective, as there are micro-decisions. 


We just made a crosscheck and so a quick market study for the devices.

There is no need for much advertising if a small investment will produce savings.

 Which part could play the utility company ?
How does the question of the licence arise while planning to manufacture?
        There is a problem of cards of attributions (for work which does not exist still)
        There also a problem of privatization of an activity.
normally follows this simple process:  Define the problem.  Identify the
possible causes.  Establish the most likely causes.  Plan action to address
those causes. Review the results.
·        Problem :
:The utility company is less efficient than a private company
        Possible causes ::
        Lead times too much long
        Too much few prerogatives to the basic units heads
        Too much prerogatives for committies  and commissions
         We want to use the tool priorisation of quality for considering different things
To sell the product  with or without manufacturing it from the components

 To provide a partial recycling
 To provide work for the employees of the utility company

To make use of an already existing logistics

        The use of matrices of priorisation will increase in the years to come
        with the increasing complexity of decision making.
When we face complexity, ·
There is the existence of short cuts .
        The existence of short cuts is the consequence of the existence of God.

        To know the histories helps to find the short cuts
        To know
where a doubt persists helps also to find the short cuts
is often brought to be interested in the year 1963

1963, we had not chosen specializing excessively
I have 
a theory under development that what occurs in the utility companies  is revealing the state of the others companies. 

A revision of the flow chart would be useful if referring to the flow charts since a long time ago. 

With regard to the flow chart, units should be as autonomous as possible.                                                       

There should be a bonus of contact with the customers for the people who do have the daily contact.

The TQM (total quality management) is directed against those who are careerist.

An erosion of the authority comes from incompetence.
The remedy: is make it mandatory for the employees to be competent.
The  directors must solve the problems and let people concentrate on their work.
The utility company evolves in a hostile environment.

There should be a possibility to make audit unit act on request of one unit.

It is the recovery rate which is important for whatever may be effectively and non effectively.done like

working hours.

Audit campaigns from the retired employees should be considered.

To respect others is like to respect the highway code.

There could be explanations to this report.
Adib Ben Jebara 

Adib Ben Jebara Apt F3 Residence Badr Manar 1 Tunis 2092 Tunisia Born  3
september 1956 in Algeria

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Degree Equivalent of Master in applied statistics(France) 

Position: Early retirement from Unit Head in Total Quality Management.Electricity Utility
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States 5 weeks (1985) 



About the total quality management in a utility company

It is misleading to think that specialization has only advantages.

Indeed, the goal of the company is the satisfaction of the customers and it is not with

one specialty that it can be reached.

For instance, to let the customer pay a big bill by installments is rather a banking

activity if we consider that that is like giving a loan.

Total quality management reminds of the goal of satisfaction of the customers.

With such a concern, reasonable lead times are important; for instance, procedures

which were complicated by the concern to avoid fraud should be revised with a time

constraint in mind.

Instructions cannot be followed to the letter because the situation is changing and

instructions cannot be updated very often.


Let us be reminded of the reactive energy problem, from Wikipedia in French :

If the reactive power levied by the consumers is too high in relation to the active power, the increase of the current

in the electrical network leads to heat loss, overloads of distribution transformers, the heating of the power supply cables

and voltage drops, it is therefore essential to remedy. Overcommit these facilities, with the economic consequences

that this represents is not realistic, it is preferable to compensate for this reactive power by improving the power factor, by the installation

of systems "producing" of the Reactive Energy. These systems can be capacitors, sets of inductors and capacitors (sets that can be automated),

rotating machines (synchronous compensators) or compensators static.

The transport of the reactive power by the electrical lines because of losses, a decrease in the stability of the network and a voltage drop at the end of it.


It is useful to use the statistical control of processes, for instance, for the lead time for providing electricity.

Studying the capability of the process is a way to know is an aim is reached.

However, in the books covering the subject, we find zero as one of the limits to be

used in the calculation and that is not correct.


About work methods in a utility company
Beside procedures, there are works which require methods.
An example is the forecast of the activity for a day or a year.
If the data is not to be published, the methods should be public,
especially in the case of a public company.
There should be booklets about the methods which are not obvious.
Methods are to be known for the results to be applied in the same
way to everyone requesting a product.
Responsability should belong to individuals rather than groups.
Delegating minor decisions prevents the lead times from being
very long.
An example of absence of delegation was in the Soviet Union.
Besides, people tend to be too much specialized therefore with an
intellectual level not high enough.
The state of a company is not a necessary state,
it comes from choices and chance.
In the long run, the state of a company tend to be
a necessary state.
There are two things not good for good work methods :
empirism and lack of initiative of the junior people.
Empirism is to watch reality without stepping back
for a broader view.
Good methods are part of the professionnal ethics.
Adib Ben Jebara