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Space time

Scientist philosophy

About Fermat

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A statement of Pierre Fermat (1601-1665) challenged mathematicians untill today.

A genius agaisnt our supermen, who wins ?
He was not even paid to do research.

Adib Ben Jebara




Book : A philosophy
for scientists Shield Crest Publishing see



From Adib Ben Jebara

New research


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About after life and about Fermat

A soul is partly made of thoughts.

Thoughts are mathematical waves.

Brain waves are something else.

Anything mathematical is eternal (“non-perishable”).

Thus souls are immortal.

Afterlife is for souls, not for bodies.

For the first time in the History of mankind afterlife is proven to exist in some way.

With afterlife being no more a matter of faith, there is a new intellectual horizon.

Fermat (1601-1665) did have a proof for Fermat Last Theorem,

which was not found because of an intellectual planet Middle Age

since half a century ago.

Fermat Proof is given in the first chapter.

Adib Ben Jebara.

Book : A philosophy for scientists Shield Crest Publishing see


“A philosophy for scientists” Shield Crest Publishing

About shortcuts

About short cuts
In front of (when
we face) complexity, there are short cuts.
The existence of
short cuts is a consequence of the existence of God.
To know histories helps to find shortcuts.
To know where a doubt persists helps to find shortcuts.
We often have to be interested in 1963.Until 1963 there was no option for extreme specialization.
This theory of short cuts fits in the theory of total quality management.



About time and indeterminism in the physics of particles


Let Ui be a countable family of non empty sets of urelements (non sets), the negation of
the axiom of choice implies that the Cartesian Product of the family is empty.

We know from “A philosophical approach to Fermat Last Theorem” in "A philosophy

for scientists" Adib Ben Jebara Shield Crest Publishing that only a particular
case of the axiom of choice is true.

And from "About space and time in quantum mechanics" Adib Ben Jebara
Bulletin of Symbolic Logic September 2008, p. 410., we know that the negation of the axiom of choice can be applied to particles.

That is a basis for the teleportation of the particle since the particle will have much

“time” to move without the time at our level being much .

EXCERPT from “About a time not totally ordered

(published in the colloquium brochure WSEAS MCSS’15 Dubai 22 February) :

“For elementary particles, time is a set of urelements of the negation of the

axiom of choice.

So, time is not totally ordered and there is a lateral time.

In an experiment, if a particle enters a hole twice that must be that it

enters and enters again from the same side in a lateral time.

The second time is perceived at our level as being after the first time

while it is not at the level of the particle.

In another experiment, the particle enters two holes at the same time, the

lateral time appears to be the same time.”

Mechanics theory has a tendency to progress by introducing more mathematics which may

receive industrial applications after some dozens of years.

We are no more in statistical mechanics, because the 2 coordinates of time

are known, the probability of finding the particle in one place is either zero or 1.

Addendum : one has to pay attention to the weak structure of time at the level of elementary particles.

it does not matter so much if fundamental indeterminism exist

because it will be reduced whenever physics progress.


Heisenberg uncertainty principle can be bypassed.


The principle states that the more precisely the position of some particle is determined, the less precisely its speed can be known, and vice versa

That is if we do not know the orthogonal time for the particle but only the time at our level.

If we know the orthogonal time, the speed is changed by it and the uncertainty principle

with the time at our level does not apply.

Let us notice that Newton first law is partly contradicted :

F=0  V constant but the particle does not move indefinitely as there is no infinite path.



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